Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hi Chelsea's Fans & Visitors.., :)))

As you all known someone came here often and attack us in Cbox for no good reason. Now it's turn to be to write about posts as I don't want anyone to take a wrong messages. Because simply that someone used our ID and URL without authorization to write about messages in Cbox as well as in Comments which we don't do at all. Please see as follow:

My Wonderful Moral Thoughts said...
Shame on Blues. I did, I wrote rude words. I must confess. I give up, you win.
May 15, 2008 2:22 AM

My wonderful moral thoughts said...
yee ya tae hehe, I give up. I confess that I did say rude words which are against the degree I have been pursuing in Oxford.
May 15, 2008 2:27 AM


I need to confirm to say that I am not put that comments at all.

As soon as i found someone used my URL at new post (below this post) then I put the comment myself already under those two comments saying that i am not doing it. This is out of line and unbearable to using someone URL and ID.

I would like to justify the facts that I didn't either say any rude(Swear) words at all in Cbox or in Comments at any Blog nor Do we expect that out of anybody else!!!

I also would like to say to that someone as we known the name called (WhatAShameChelsea), Please note that RESPECT is two way street which mean if you give respect us then we will not hesitated to give the respect back the same level of respect you give us. We all grow up an adults here in Chelsea's fans club and we know how to conduct at things morally.

The reason to created the Chelsea Fans Club Blog is for all about football and for Chelsea football Club activities to keep the updates to all our fans. As a matter of facts, This Blog is not for fight as like child playground and not to criticize to any other club.

We warmly welcome from our Blog to anyone who keen to interested in Football and our Club. We also welcome to courtesy messages in Cbox as well as in Comments except an argument. :)

Therefore, from now on I will not respond to any wrong messages because it simply turning to guilt trips. Actually I am not very good at respond to wrong argument as I value and not to waste my own times.

Please kindly aware that if you continue to find something false messages or comments with my name or my URL at anywhere, Please do not be reluctantly to contact and ask me anytime on I will promptly reply you back.

Thanks ever so much for your times to visit here. Thanks a lot to Ko SoeThawn who let me express the post here.

No matter what, I'll SUPPOSE Chelsea all the way. We Chelsea's Fans UNITED, We ADORE our Club all the way!!!

Bring it on CHELSEA...,

Best Regards.,
Soe Mya Nandar Thet Lwin

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